55 Funny Roasts for Someone’s Forehead 

Funny Roasts For Someone’s Forehead 

Making fun of big foreheads can really hit home and make you laugh. There are so many ways to joke about it, like calling it a “fivehead” or saying it could power a solar panel.

Even famous folks aren’t off the hook. Celebrities like Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna, and Nicole Kidman celebrate their big foreheads.

So, if you’re cool with your big forehead or you want to tease a friend about theirs, go ahead and jump in on the jokes! Just remember, keep it light and make sure everyone’s in on the fun.

Our Top Favourites Big Forehead Roasts

Funny Roasts For Someone’s Forehead 

Individuals with large foreheads often become the center of jokes because of the size and shape of their foreheads. Here are the top big forehead roasts we’ve heard that quickly became favorites:

  1. Keeping your thoughts to yourself makes your forehead stand out.


  1. You’ll never run out of money; you can always rent out space on your forehead for parking.


  1. I wasn’t staring at you; I was trying to decide if your forehead resembled the moon.


  1. Scaling your forehead would be a remarkable achievement for any mountain climber.


  1. If you attached a solar panel to your forehead, you could power the whole neighborhood.


  1. I won’t comment directly on your forehead, but finding a bike helmet that fits might be challenging.


  1. Tell the Europeans to come back; there’s a whole undiscovered continent waiting for them.


  1. How can you make Indian people explode? Just press the red button on their foreheads.


  1. Have you ever thought about joining the military? Your forehead could be used as a landing pad for helicopters.


  1. Did you forget to pay rent for that forehead real estate?

General Big Forehead Roasts

Funny Roasts For Someone’s Forehead 

You can tell someone with a prominent forehead any of the following jokes, and these are the ones we think will work for any situation.

Sometimes, the kind of roast you want to say shouldn’t be too sensitive. If you wish to annoy the person or make them smile, these roast punchlines can be versatile enough for any situation. 

  1. Your forehead is so large it arrives home earlier than you do.


  1. Even Dora couldn’t explore your massive forehead.


  1. Your gigantic forehead even influenced the Mona Lisa’s smile.


  1. Teachers use your expansive forehead as a whiteboard.


  1. I bet your dreams play out like an IMAX movie on your enormous forehead.


  1. It takes a whole year for the sun to shine on every part of your forehead.


  1. The distance from your eyebrows to your hairline is like a $20 taxi ride 


  1. During your birth, your mom spent a significant amount of time delivering just your head because of its size.


  1. When your temperature is measured, it’s like checking for global warming because of your immense forehead.


  1. Your forehead makes Kanye’s ego seem small in comparison.

Funny Big Forehead Roasts (Question Types)

These are the kind of roasts you can engage a person with a forehead with.

It’s question-and-answer oriented such that you ask a question to the person you want to roast, and they will attempt to respond. 

This will pull them in and make them curious as to what the answer will be. Then you drop the joke.

Roasts of this style are sure to get under their skin. For example, you can first ask the person, “What’s a nickname for someone with a huge forehead?” 

They already know where you’re going but won’t be able to help but just hear the answer, then you drop the “They’re often called a “fivehead” line. 

Here are our best choices for this style: 

  1. Why do many generous people have large foreheads? Because they could offer it as shelter to those in need.


  1. What do a sinking ship and an oversized head have in common? They both “capsize.”


  1. Why do some people get confused when they see a prominent forehead? They’re trying to decide if it’s a forehead or the moon.


  1. What does a child with a big head aspire to be when they grow up? A “headmaster.”


  1. Why do people with large heads dislike math? Because it’s too complicated for them to grasp.


  1. Remember the kid everyone called “Pumpkinhead” because of his large head? As he grew up, his body balanced out, earning him the nickname “Pumpkinman.”


  1. Why did the blonde put makeup on her forehead? Because someone advised her to “make up her mind.”


  1. What’s a significant accomplishment for a mountain climber? Scaling your massive forehead.


  1. Why are people with big foreheads unlikely to go broke? Because they can always rent out parking spaces on their forehead.


  1. What’s a typical side gig for people with large foreheads? Serving as a backdrop for projectors at the movies.

Funny Big Forehead Roasts for Her 

Funny Roasts For Someone’s Forehead 

It can be hard to come up with a zinger that is gender-specific. 

For a roast that applies to a lady with a prominent forehead, you want to make sure you say it funnily. 

And maybe you want to make the roast a pickup line or simply to make her laugh; there are different ideas for us. 

Here are the best ones we’ve heard so far:

  1. Girl, your forehead’s so big, it’s like a five-head!


  1. Are you trying to bring back the glory days of the ’80s with that forehead?


  1. Your forehead’s like a VIP section, exclusive and spacious.


  1. If you ever need extra storage space, just look in the mirror; your forehead’s got you covered.


  1. You could host a forehead beauty pageant, and yours would take the crown.


  1. You must have a lot on your mind with all that forehead real estate.


  1. Is your forehead a Wi-Fi hotspot? Because I’m getting a solid signal.


  1. With a forehead like that, you could star in your billboard campaign.


  1. I’ve heard of a five-head, but yours is like a six or seven.


  1. You could fit the entire alphabet on that forehead and still have room for emojis.

Due to how gender-specific roasts can be, you can keep the tone light when delivering these roasts. 

If she has a prominent forehead and you still want to flatter her, you can say something like, “They say big foreheads indicate intelligence, so you must be a genius.”

Sometimes, even remarks as simple as “If I had a forehead like yours, I’d be getting headbutted by airplanes” could get her laughing. 

Funny Big Forehead Roasts for Him 

Funny Roasts For Someone’s Forehead 

Here again, gender-specific roasts have to be tailored in a way that will resonate with the person.

For example, if the person with a prominent forehead is a guy, you can refer to his masculinity or hairline and tie it to the forehead issue. 

  1. God loved you so much that he gave you one face and made space for another.


  1. That’s not a forehead… it’s like a parking lot for thoughts.


  1. My computer froze, trying to handle all of that forehead.


  1. You could make money renting out space on that billboard.


  1. I wasn’t staring at you. I was trying to decide if your forehead was a landing strip.


  1. Coneheads could have been a story about your family.


  1. I can predict my future by looking at your forehead.


  1. Your forehead shines so much it could power a city.


  1. I met Thanos and couldn’t stop laughing at how prominent his chin and forehead were. He snapped.


  1. Don’t worry; forehead jokes are fading just like your hairline.

Story-Like Big Forehead Roasts 

Instead of giving one-liners such as “Your forehead could accommodate all the passengers of the Titanic,” you can make the roast more profound by telling it in a narrative style. 

The good thing about this approach of roasting is that it gets the person with a prominent forehead interested at first. They may initially have no clue that you’re about to roast them until you hit it. 

So, while punchlines like “With a forehead like yours, bangs would never be an option due to the lack of hair coverage” will work, you can take it a notch higher with these storylines:

  1. Once upon a time, there was a guy with a forehead so huge it looked like a drive-in movie screen. Even birds thought it was a landing strip! But despite its size, no one could come up with a good joke about it.


  1. We used to have a very widescreen TV, but it didn’t display anything. Your forehead reminds me of the TV. It has a large surface but nothing interesting to watch on it and in it.


  1. Some historians believe that in the 1600s, empires charged their slaves taxes based on their forehead size because it was a sign of wisdom. Do you know what that would mean to you now? You’d be bankrupt.


  1. Last night, I watched a video on YouTube about how a young guy helped a remote African village with electricity. He built them a solar panel that absorbed so much sunlight because of how large it was. Do you know what else is so large and absorbs so much light? Your forehead.


  1. I was driving to work the other day and noticed that many billboards on the road are small. I mean, I used to think they were big until I saw your forehead.

Wrapping up: You Can Go Beyond One Liners

Sometimes, the best roast isn’t in the one-liners. You can customize your conversation with the person you want to roast; 

I remember in my elementary school, this kid had a huge forehead and a big head in general. Whenever we talked to him, we’d sneakily bring up the word “head” in our conversations. 

For example, we’d ask him if he wanted to be the headmaster when he grew up or tell him he was “over his head” today. 

It was extra funny because, in Igbo, which is my native language, the words for head, boss, and nothing are all “ok.” 

Surprisingly, he took it all in good spirits, and we’re still friends to this day.

So you can take a cue from that. 


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