20 Funny Roasts for Someone Who is Cocky

Funny Roasts for Someone Who is Cocky

There’s no stopping the cocky people of this world. Or so it seems, until RoastHow came up with a roast for them. 

Cocky people think the world should fall at their knees. They think the world is theirs to take, and we’re all their subjects. 

If you feel this way about any of your peers, we feel your pain. 

This funny roasts is definitely sure to put cocky folks in their place. Cocky people are everywhere—in your class, office, family. They’re your neighbors. 

It doesn’t matter where they are or who they are. There’s a roast here for every shade cocky. 

Dig in. 

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20 Funny Roasts for Someone Who is Cocky

1. Why did the cocky mathematician refuse to share his equations with his classmates? 

Because he thought he was the only one who could solve them, but turns out, he was just being irrational

Note the jab at the person’s irrationality. Cocky people usually thinks they’re the only rational person in the room. This is a rude wake up call for the person. 

  • Why won’t Dave share his calculus notes? 
  • Because he’s so cocky, he thinks he’s the only one who can understand them!
  • Why does Sarah always work alone on math problems?
  • She’s too cocky to collaborate, and thinks she’s the only genius in the room!

2. Did you hear about the cocky chef who refused to share his recipes? 

He said his culinary creations were like secrets guarded by a tasty ego. 

Using this exact words to redirect a cocky person’s ego is the best way to conquer them. Notice the choice of words here: tasty ego. 

The examples below are even more classic. 

  • Why won’t Tom tell us how he made that delicious pasta sauce? He’s too cocky, thinks his recipe is a state secret!
  • Why doesn’t Lisa share her baking tips? 
  • She’s got a cocky attitude about her cakes, thinks she’s the only one who can bake them to perfection!

3. Why did the cocky musician refuse to play with others? 

He believed his solo performances were the only notes worth hearing.

In this funny roast, the use of words is how you win a cocky person. There’s a clever use of the word note. If the cocky person thinks he’s special, he’s about to learn the audience appreciates a combination of notes, not solos. 

  • Why does Mike always play alone at jam sessions?
  • He’s too cocky, thinks his guitar solos are the only ones worth listening to!
  • Why won’t Emily join the band? She’s got a cocky streak, thinks her singing is the only thing keeping the group together!

4. Did you hear about the cocky painter who wouldn’t accept criticism? 

He thought his art was so revolutionary, even Picasso would ask for lessons.

In this roast, comparing the cocky person to someone higher in intellect is supposed to wake them up from their dream world.

Use this roast if the person is a painter. If not, find someone better than him or her as make the reference. 

  • Why does Jack get defensive about his paintings?
  • He’s so cocky, thinks he’s the next Picasso!
  • Why doesn’t Emma take feedback on her artwork?
  • She’s got a cocky attitude, and thinks she’s already a master!

5. Why did the cocky actor refuse to audition for supporting roles?

He believed every scene should revolve around his star power.

Some cocky people suffer from the main character syndrome. They want to be the star of every event. This funny roast is for someone like that. 

  • Why won’t Jake audition for smaller parts?
  • He’s too cocky, thinks he’s the leading man in every story!
  • Why does Olivia always aim for the lead role? 
  • She’s got a cocky attitude, and thinks she’s the star of the show!

6. Did you hear about the cocky athlete who refused to train with others? 

He claimed his natural talent was a solo act that needed no support.

This roast is meant to also remind the cocky person no game is won without the input of other people in the team. Say this roast with chuckle, add a shake of the head. 

  • Why doesn’t Max practice with the team?
  • He’s too cocky, thinks he’s a one-man sports show!
  • Why does Mia train alone?
  • She’s got a cocky streak, thinks she doesn’t need anyone else to succeed!

7. Why did the cocky scientist refuse to collaborate on research? 

  1. Funny Roasts for Someone Who is Cocky

He believed his intellect was a universe of knowledge, with no room for shared discovery.

When using this roast, lay emphasis on the words, universe of knowledge, and shared discovery. Doing this highlights the cockiness of the person, exposing their flaw. 

  • Why won’t Alex work with other researchers?
  • He’s too cocky, thinks he’s the Einstein of our time!
  • Why doesn’t Lily join study groups?
  • She’s got a cocky attitude, thinks she’s got all the answers already!

8. Did you hear about the cocky CEO who refused to listen to advice? 

He thought his business acumen was a golden ticket to success, with no room for input from mere mortals.

There’s a bit of sarcasm in this funny roast. When using this roast emphasize the right words like golden ticket to success. If well delivered, this roast will definitely draw some laughs. 

  • Why doesn’t Mark listen to his team’s suggestions?
  • He’s too cocky, thinks he’s the next Steve Jobs!
  • Why does Rachel make decisions without consulting her colleagues? She’s got a cocky streak, thinks she’s the only one with a vision for the company!

9. Why did the cocky teacher refuse to attend professional development workshops? 

She believed her teaching methods were so groundbreaking, other educators would simply be taking notes in awe.

The beauty of this funny roast is, it plays on the ego of the cocky one. Making it seem like you’re buying into their ego. But the audience can sense the irony in the words used. 

  • Why doesn’t Mr. Johnson go to teaching seminars?
  • He’s too cocky, thinks he’s the Shakespeare of education!
  • Why does Ms. Smith teach in her own way?
  • She thinks she’s reinventing the classroom!

10. Did you hear about the cocky politician who refused to compromise? 

He believed his policies are the only path to utopia, with no room for negotiation or dissent.

Even powerful people can be unapologetically cocky. Sometimes, put your congressman in his place with a funny roast like this—If freedom of speech is a thing in your country, that is. 

Words like utopia and dissent should strike some nerves here. 

  • Why doesn’t Senator Brown work with the opposition?
  • He believes he’s the savior of politics!
  • Why does Representative Taylor push her agenda so aggressively? She’s got a cocky streak, she thinks she’s the only one who knows what’s best for the country!

11. Why did the cocky fashion designer refuse to take feedback? 

She believed her sense of style was so avant-garde, even Vogue couldn’t keep up.

You can begin this roast with the bit about Vogue not being able to keep up. That should signal the laughs that would roll in. Let the audience see how huge the ego of the cocky person is for having this delusion. 

  • Why doesn’t David critique his friend’s outfits?
  • He’s too cocky, thinks he’s the next Karl Lagerfeld!
  • Why does Jessica only wear her own designs?
  • She thinks she’s a fashion icon!

12. Did you hear about the cocky author who refused to edit his novels? 

He thought his words flowed like liquid gold, untouched by the hands of mere editors.

One of the biggest mistakes a writer can make is neglect a second opinion on his book. Only an utterly cocky writer would do so. If you know a cocky writer like this, this is their funny roast. 

  • Why doesn’t Ryan revise his manuscripts?
  • Because he’s too cocky for his own good. He thinks he’s the next Hemingway!
  • Why does Emily reject editorial suggestions?
  • Because she thinks she’s already a literary genius!

13. Why did the cocky surgeon refuse to consult with colleagues? 

He believed his surgical skills were so precise, even robots would envy his steady hand.

Cocky surgeons are a disaster waiting to happen. Which is why we need this roast to liberate them, and save their victims. This roast can be funny or not. It depends on the severity of the cockiness. 

  • Why won’t Dr. Patel collaborate on complex surgeries?
  • He sees himself as the next medical prodigy!
  • Why does Dr. Thompson operate alone?
  • Somehow she believes she is the best surgeon in the hospital.

14. Did you hear about the cocky inventor who refused to share his prototypes? 

Funny Roasts for Someone Who is Cocky

He claimed his creations were so groundbreaking, they’d rewrite the laws of physics.

And if we know anything about inventions or creations, they hardly ever rewrite any laws.

At best, they are innovative, but that’s all the buzz we ever get. This roast will be funnier if it can be shown that the cocky isn’t really all that. 

  • Why doesn’t Adam showcase his inventions at tech expose?
  • Blame it on his cockiness. He thinks he’s the next Elon Musk!
  • Why does Sarah keep her inventions under wraps?
  • She must think she’s the only innovator in town!

15. Why did the cocky comedian refuse to accept hecklers? 

He believed his jokes were so hilarious, even crickets would applaud in silence.

This roast here is for that comedian who is cocky with his audience. If you are a comedian yourself, this can be used in your own routine to heckle the cocky comedian. 

  • Why doesn’t Chris handle hecklers during his stand-up routines?
  • Because he believes he’s the next comedy legend.
  • Why does Rachel get defensive when her jokes fall flat?
  • She cant see past the belief that she’s the queen of comedy.

16. Did you hear about the cocky architect who refused to revise his designs? 

He thought his blueprints were so flawless, even gravity would bow to his structures.

Use this roast especially if you’re sure the design really needs some revision.

What makes this roast funny is the suggestion that the cocky person believes that gravity has nothing on his defective design. 

  • Why doesn’t Eric make changes to his building plans?
  • That’s because he thinks he’s the next Frank Lloyd Wright!
  • Why does Olivia stick to her original designs?
  • That’s because she’s cocky and thinks she’s mastered everything about architecture!

17. Why did the cocky musician refuse to practice with the band? 

He believed his natural talent was a gift from the music gods, not to be tainted by mere rehearsals.

A cocky musician hates rehearsals. In his overconfident mind, he’s already made and needs no practice. If you know any cocky fellow who’s into music, this roast is for them. 

  • Why doesn’t Jason show up for band practice?
  • Jason actually thinks he’s the next Mozart!
  • Why does Mia skip rehearsals?
  • Mia already sees herself as a rock star!

18. Did you hear about the cocky dancer who refused to learn new choreography? 

She believed her moves were so mesmerizing, even prima ballerinas would envy her grace.

Th cocky dancer isn’t about practice and perfection.

She is stuck in her old ways. This funny roast is perfect one for such a dancer because you draw attention to a comparison with a dancer who succeeded off of learning. 

  • Why doesn’t Alexia follow the choreographer’s instructions? 
  • It’s because she thinks she’s the next Martha Graham!
  • Why does Jake insist on dancing his own way?
  • He’s got a cocky streak, thinks he’s the best dancer in the studio!

19. Why did the cocky tech guru refuse to seek advice from colleagues?

Funny Roasts for Someone Who is Cocky

He believed his coding prowess was so elite, even AI would seek his guidance.

With this roast, you highlight how terrible the situation is with the cocky person. 

  • Why doesn’t Sarah collaborate with other programmers?
  • Cocky Sarah thinks she’s the next Bill Gates!
  • Why does Michael prefer to work alone on projects?
  • He does that because he believes he’s already a tech genius!

20. Did you hear about the cocky chef who refused to taste-test his dishes? 

He claimed his palate was so refined, even Michelin-starred chefs would bow to his culinary expertise.

Even if this cocky person hasn’t bragged this way, it is a way to poke fun at his attitude. 

  • Why doesn’t Lucy sample her own cooking?
  • She couldn’t. She thinks she’s Gordon Ramsay!
  • Why does James dismiss feedback on his dishes?
  • He doesn’t. That’s a top chef in the kitchen!

Final Thoughts

Rid the world of cocky people by roasting them with this funny takes. In this article, almost everyone is represented; from your chef friends to the dancers, there’s a roast for everyone. 


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