40 “No Eyebrows” Funny Memes and Jokes

No Eyebrows Funny Memes and Jokes

It’s almost inevitable for people without eyebrows to get funny comments from others. 

They might look different than what we’re used to, so they can surprise us, and sometimes, unexpected things make us laugh. 

If you want to make fun of someone who has no eyebrows, there are different ways to go about it.

In this article, I will show you a list of no-eyebrow funny jokes that can be used as one-liners, dirty jokes, insults, roasts, and even pickup lines you can use for anyone who has no eyebrows. 

No Eyebrow Funny Jokes One-liners

One-liner jokes for people without eyebrows are super short jokes that get to the funny part right away. 

They’re different from more extended jokes because they don’t have a setup followed by a punchline – it’s all packed into one line. 

You can use these lines to make people without eyebrows laugh quickly, especially in conversations, speeches, or even on social media. 

Here are the top five simple one-liner jokes for someone without eyebrows:

  1. I asked my friend how he managed without eyebrows. He said it’s all about keeping a low-brow profile.

No Eyebrows Funny Memes and Jokes

  1. Without eyebrows, your face looks like it’s stuck in permanent surprise mode.


  1. My friend without eyebrows always looks like he just heard a shocking secret.


  1. Your face looks so naked without eyebrows. I bet you forgot to get dressed.


  1. I asked my friend without eyebrows if he wanted to join a club. He said he didn’t see the point.

No Eyebrow Funny Jokes – Dirty

Dirty, nasty jokes for people without eyebrows will have naughty insinuations related to sex or bodily functions. 

Before you use any of these I’m about to show you, remember that they can be offensive to some people and might not be suitable for all situations. 

You can’t use these dirty jokes about people without eyebrows in serious or professional situations.

  1. Your eyes look like my nuts, one a little lower than the other and a bit smaller.

No Eyebrows Funny Memes and Jokes

  1. Looks like your tits decided to play hooky with your eyebrows.


  1. I didn’t notice the eyebrows because I started from the hairline and worked my way down. I haven’t how to your eyebrows yet.


  1. If you are trying not to attract men, Way to go, tweaker.


  1. You made up for no eyebrows with an extra forehead.

Best “No Eyebrow” Insults

Unlike friendly jokes, where you tease someone playfully and funnily, insults are not meant to make these people laugh. 

This line I’m about to show you will become helpful when you want to hurt the feelings of someone who is without an eyebrow. 

  1. You’re a walking advertisement for eyebrow transplants.

No Eyebrows Funny Memes and Jokes

  1. You’ve got a face that even eyebrows refuse to visit.


  1. You’re the reason we appreciate the little things in life, like eyebrows.


  1. You’ve mastered the ‘surprised’ look permanently.


  1. You’re proof that eyebrows really do frame the face.


  1. Did not notice the missing eyebrows amongst the deafening emptiness of everything about you.


  1. So, did your eyebrows decide to take a vacation or something? Because I gotta admit, your forehead is looking pretty spacious without them!”


  1. Uh oh, did you have an ‘oops’ moment with the tweezers? 


  1. Why the look of surprise on your face? I think I’ve finally figured out why—it’s those missing eyebrows of yours! Seriously though, I’d call you a walking exclamation mark.


  1. Your forehead must be feeling pretty lonely up there without your eyebrows to keep it company.

Best “No Eyebrow” Roasts

Unlike insults, you may decide to roast someone without eyebrows. This means that you want to insult them but for comedic purposes. 

So, for you to use any of the lines I’m about to show you, the assumption is that the person can take the jokes in good humor and not as severe criticism or insult. 

Here are the best ones I’ve heard in my entire life:

  1. You’re the exact reason Tinder has a left-swipe feature.

No Eyebrows Funny Memes and Jokes

  1. I guess the expression ‘raising eyebrows’ doesn’t apply to you.


  1. Your face looks like it’s on mute without those eyebrows.


  1. Your eyebrows are the most plain thing since vanilla ice cream.


  1. No eyebrows, too much, everything else.

No Eyebrow Funny Pickup Lines 

It can be hard to come up with a pickup line to woo someone without an eyebrow while commenting on the single thing they expect everyone to insult them with. 

But there are funny and clever sentences about disappearing eyebrows that you can use to make the person smile or feel interested. 

These lines I’m about to show you can be used to break the ice and start a conversation if you find the person with no eyebrows attractive.

  1. Are you a magician? Because every time I look at you, I wonder where your eyebrows disappeared!


  1. You’re so hot you made your eyebrows evaporate.


  1. I heard you’re into DIY projects. Did you DIY your eyebrows, too?

No Eyebrows Funny Memes and Jokes

  1. They say laugher keeps you young, I say your eyebrows is the ultimate anti-aging pill.


  1. Is your name Waldo? Because I can’t seem to find your eyebrows anywhere.

No Eyebrow Funny Puns

Puns are funny word games. Since they use words that sound similar or have multiple meanings, then the best puns for people without eyebrows have to make a joke or create a clever twist. 

These puns I’m about to show you can be incorporated into your conversation with the person.

Here are the best funny puns for no eyebrows that I’ve heard so far:

  1. Sometimes, I post on the internet, but most of the time, I browse.

No Eyebrows Funny Memes and Jokes

  1. I’d make a joke about eyebrows, but I’m afraid it would be too ‘archaic.


  1. Who needs eyebrows when you’ve got ‘eye-deas like yours?


  1. I told my friend that drawing eyebrows is an art. She said, ‘Yeah, it’s all about ‘brow’sing the proper technique!


  1. I asked the eyebrow if it wanted to hear a joke. It said, ‘Sure, but make it ‘brow’tally funny.


  1. I told my friend he needs to ‘browse for a new look.


  1. You’re really ‘eye’-catching without brows.


  1. You’re brow-tiful just the way you are


  1. You’re making me ‘brow-sy’ with envy


  1. You’re rocking the ‘no-brow’ look effortlessly.

I hope these bring some laughter and give you ideas for your next joke about people with no eyebrows.


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